Career Day

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Our Future Professionals Celebrate Career Day

The students of Higholborn Street Basic School, have a dream to become something great, whether a doctor, nurse, teacher, soldier, police or another kind of occupation. On May 30, 2014 at the school's Career Day, the children dressed in the attire of their dream job and mingled with professionals from a variety of fields.

The children wore their uniforms proudly. 
Community Saftey & Security officers from
Kingston Central pose with our 
future police officers
Nurse Taren Clarke hangs with the 
next generations medical professionals
Students with teachers in back
Teachers:  Miss. Mariephil Ridguard,
 Mrs. Jacqueline Castello and 
Principal Khalilah Bailey (from left to right)

Volunteers Visit

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Foreign Volunteers Visit

Sisters, Mim and Louise, from Sweden recently volunteered for a day at Higholborn Street Basic School.  They helped the children with their lessons and participated in rotation exercises.  Mim, who is a teacher, and Louise, who works at a pre-school in their homeland, were very excited to participate in a day's activities with the students. The children and teachers also greatly appreciated the visit.  The sisters brought books and educational toys for the school.

Mim reads to the students
Louise helps a student with Arithmetic
Lousie and Mim show the children 
what they brought for them

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