Higholborn Street Basic School is located in Southside, in the heart of Downtown, Kingston.  It is a community school that has been committed to the education of children ages three through five for more than 40 years. 

At Higholborn Street Basic, we believe that every child should have access to the best education possible, no matter their status. Although we are located in what is considered an underprivileged neighborhood, we remain resolute in providing a firm foundation for our students to build their future. It is our belief that we should unearth the potential that each child possesses, so that he or she can face life knowing that endless possibilities can be achieved. However, in order to raise our children in this manner, it takes a village.  Therefore, the staff, along with the school board, the PTA, businesses and other community stakeholders are working together to create an institution of excellence that will cater to not only the educational needs of the students, but also equip them with social skills that will last them for a lifetime.