What is a faithful community?

A faithful community is one in which diverse and talented individuals and organizations work together and hold each other accountable. There is a strong sense of connectedness and excitement and residents are intentional about developing meaningful relationships, building trust, and cultivating a collaborative mindset. 

In a faithful community everyone is committed to the same vision for growth and development and people are willing to lay aside their egos and desire for recognition in order to fulfill the shared vision.  

In a faithful community there is a recognition that competition and unresolved conflict will eventually harm everyone.  People work out their problems peaceably, look out for each other, and try to help each other as much as they can.

In a faithful community, leaders are committed to honesty and integrity and though they are willing to receive help from others, they understand that they have the most important role to play in the development of their community.

A faithful community is not a perfect community.  But, it is a community where there are many, many individuals committed to positive and uplifting change.